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Temperature Targeting

Temperature Targeting is, as you guessed, based off the temperature of the market you are targeting. This is a great BtoC product for companies that are specific to the time of year or the weather. We can serve specific ads to people in a geographic market or multiple geographic markets based upon the climate. We also use criteria from geographic targeting to narrow your target audience down even more.


For example, if you own a coffee company we can show ads for either hot coffee or cold coffee based upon the temperature and demographics. We can serve ads based upon the time of day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These ads are very precise. For instance, if you wanted to serve ads for hot coffee as long as the temperature was under 55 degrees, and then switch to cold coffee at 56 degrees that is no problem. A few examples of industries where this would work perfectly are
  • HVAC
  • Hospitality Food & Beverage
  • Landscaping
  • Indoor/Outdoor Fun Centers
  • Entertainment & Recreation
  • Roofers & Insulation