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Social Media Targeting

Companies around the world are quickly realizing and learning the power of social media. Facebook and its business friendly platform, twitter is more than just teens saying what they did two minutes ago, or athletes apologizing. Instargam is more than just pictures, and Linkdin can be used effectively in a BtoB setting. These are all powerful tools that Myrick Advertising are experts in working with, and partners with.

How it works - We use your followers, and the information of the people who have liked your page to build a profile of your customer. Then we go out and search different categories within the social media universe to build upon that if needed. We will come up with a great specials, tag lines, and headlines, then start serving ads in the specific geographic market that you desire.

Facebook has the second most traffic on the web behind only Google


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Myrick Advertising can utilize this information, build your reach on Facebook in order to utilize the information you receive from people liking your page. Targeting these people, and people like them is what building the social media part of your digital footprint is all about.




Twitter is much more than just about telling people what you have done. If used properly, companies can know what their customers need as soon as they hit send. Using follows back and forth is the way to build your network. Using these follows will also tell you what promotions to run, when, and where in the country or the world. Myrick will use specialized search categories to reach out and communicate to current, and potential clients.

What Our Clients Say

Social Media is a very important part of our business. Myrick Advertising works on targeting our fans on Facebook and Instagram to promote CD's, Shows, and special events. Using our Facebook information, Myrick built a customer profile and can reach out to our fans in every market that we have a presence. The personal relationship we have with Myrick along with the transparency of all campaigns, gives us confidence every time we put a campaign together.
- George Vlhakis, Twiztid Inc.



LinkedIn is simply the strongest tool for any BtoB sales company. With the Linkdin pixel we can search out true decision makers and serve them ads to where they are online. If you are looking to sell POS equipment, or medical supplies, or automobile parts, we can search decision maker titles within those verticals to speak directly to who you are targeting.