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Retargeting is a vital tool to any business that has or wants a good digital footprint. Your digital footprint is how, and where your company is viewed on line.

Social Media Targeting

Companies around the world are quickly realizing and learning the power of social media. Facebook and its business friendly platform, twitter is more than just teens saying what they did two minutes ago, or athletes apologizing.

SEO/Website Design

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to your website using natural search results.

Digital Customer Targeting

Improving the how, where and when you reach out to prospects can be crucial in the success of your marketing efforts and your ROI.

Promotional Products

Myrick Advertising can provide you with all your promotional items. We have a huge network of manufacturers that we work directly with to get the best pricing available.

Printing Products

Printing is the second pillar in Myrick Advertising 3 pillars of focus. We can print everything from Business Cards to 25' banners and everything in between.

List Procurement

No matter what type of list you are looking for the key is identifying and describing your best prospect.

Direct Mail

Whether you need a targeted direct mail effort or could benefit from the cost savings of an EDDM, we can guide you thru the process.