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Retargeting is a vital tool to any business that has or wants a good digital footprint. Your digital footprint is how, and where your company is viewed on line. Your website has to be the best part of your digital footprint, and where you want potential customers coming to for the newest information and products.

For most websites only 2% of potential customers convert on the first visit. Retargeting is designed to reach the 98% that don't convert right away.

Retargeting is display advertising targeted to people that have visited your website. In its most basic form, once people land and then navigate away from your website, we will start learning where they go online and where to place ads to be most effective.

The most powerful uses of Retargeting are for:
- Branding
- Inbound and Outbound campaigns
- Audience Segmentation or (Product Retargeting)
- Checkout Targeting

Audience Segmentation

Audience Segmentation for retargeting is much simpler and easier than it may sound. What we do is track where a visitor navigates to on your website, and when they navigate away we serve ads to them based upon where they visited on your site.

Example: If you are a restaurant with multiple specials on your menu, and multiple locations

1. A potential customer lands on your page
2. Navigates to your locations and selects Dublin, OH
3. Then they navigate to the menu.

We can serve a special set of ads to this potential customer promoting the Dublin restaurant, and their specials.
Basic retargeting means you serve the same ads to everyone that lands on the page. The more direct form of marketing is breaking down your visitors and serving ads to them that are specific to what they viewed on your site.

You can have multiple ad sets on your site for NO ADDITIONAL IMPRESSION COST!!

Checkout Retrageting

Did you know that almost 70% of carts are abandoned without purchase the first time a person comes to your site? How do you get those people back? Using checkout or Abandon Cart Retargeting!

What Our Clients Say

Myrick Advertising handles all our retargeting needs, which can be up to 500K impressions per month. The service we receive is unmatched, and the transparency of the multiple campaigns that we have running is exactly what we need to know our digital advertising needs are met. Between the service, transparency, and partnership we have with Myrick Advertising we have no need to work with anyone else.
- Jason Firment, BlueStar Inc.

Using Checkout Retargeting you can serve ads to people that have abandoned their carts. The ads are specific to getting them back to your site and pay for their cart. This is a method called multi-stage retargeting with ramped up frequency, and a special message to entice customers to come back and purchase their cart. We have gotten nearly 40% of people back using this strategy, and we are ready to work for you today.